Competition Overview

We want you to be able to put all your focus and energy into brainstorming, designing and developing your apps, so we will be supplying you with morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea on both days.

The competition spans two days, with the final judging and awards given on Day 2.

Day 1

The first part of Day 1 will consist of you firstly building on your idea for an app, and brainstorming and designing the app layout, screens, behaviour, functions and links (using pen and paper), and fine-tuning how your app should behave. During this stage, our competition mentors will give you feedback about how to improve your app, or if it is too complicated – how to simplify it so it is feasible to create with App Inventor. This stage of app design helps you to think through the app step-by-step, run through its typical use, and refine its objectives according to what you have planned.

If you were unable to come up with an idea for an app prior to the competition, our mentors will be able to help you brainstorm an app you can develop. Note that this situation isn’t ideal though, and you will have limited time before you have to start developing the app itself.

In the second half of Day 1, you will begin to work on the development of your app with App Inventor by programming the layout of the app, focusing on its design, and linking media files such as sounds and images.

Day 2

From the start of Day 2, you should have finished the graphical layout of your app in App Inventor, and should be able to start programming the functionality of the app. This will involve a lot of testing, troubleshooting and debugging, and retesting. At around midday, after you have fine-tuned and finalised your app, you will then need to prepare some PowerPoint slides for presentation of your app to the panel of judges, and begin practicing your presentation.

At the end of Day 2, all participants will present their apps complete with demonstrations, to a panel of judges who will ultimately determine 3 winners.

Judging criteria

In evaluating your app, consideration will be based on (but not limited to) the following criteria:

  • Does the app demonstrate a new idea or approach to something?
  • What potential does the app show in addressing a particular problem?
  • How well is the app designed to cater to the needs or wants of its potential market?
  • What is the size of the app’s potential market?

You need to try to sell your app to the judges: show them that it is the next big thing.