Competition Preparation

You must register online by 31st July 2015.


In order to come best prepared for the competition, you should have some working knowledge of App Inventor 2, and how this tool can be used to create and develop basic apps. There are a number of tutorials for App Inventor 2 on Youtube, and the following links will also be useful in helping you prepare:

App Inventor 2 – Documentation and Support

App Inventor Blog


It will help you greatly if you come to the competition with a new idea for an app – something which you think would be useful, beneficial, and/or fun to use. Your idea could fall under the following categories (though it’s not limited to these):

  • Education
  • Health & Fitness
  • Business and Finance
  • Gaming
  • Music & Entertainment
  • Transport & Travelling
  • Social and communication
  • News
  • Sport
  • Shopping

Good entries will show that the app is solving a real-world problem for real users and that it is doing so in a new or innovative way. In the case of a game, a good app will be one that is addictive, fun, and easy to pick up. Key things to think about here are:

  • What is the app seeking to accomplish?
  • Who will use the app?
  • Has the app been made before? (Note that your app must showcase a new idea or approach to something)
  • Why is this app better than similar apps?
  • What is the size of this app’s potential market?