This year there are four independent CS4HS workshops running throughout New Zealand. Our conference in Auckland is focused on Internet of Things (including smart sensors and wearable technology), augmented reality, and cyber security (practical ethical hacking).

Canterbury’s CS4HS will be on the Computer Science and Programming Achievement standards, for teachers who are at beginner/intermediate level, so the discussions will be more focused on getting started.

Victoria’s CS4HS will be more general, looking more at areas of computer science that are of general interest, even if they are outside the standards (this is the model used for CS4HS overseas, and gives a broader view of the topic more suitable for those already teaching the standards.)

In Dunedin, CS4HS will be focused on teaching aspects of robotics, and will be held at the University of Otago. Details for these conferences can be found at the links below.

While the organisers of the three events will be working together to coordinate, the events will essentially be independent and covering different areas, so it's fine to apply to go to more than one (if you have the time!).

Sponsored by Google.

Supported by Unitec Institute of Technology.