11 September 2014:
Registrations have now closed for CS4HS@Unitec 2014. More information.

CS4HS is primarily a professional development opportunity for teachers to improve their knowledge of, and skills in, particular areas of IT:

  • Advanced programming using App Inventor.
  • Use of mobile devices as teaching tools.
  • Virtual reality tools.
  • Robotics (using Arduino, Lego NXT, EV3, Raspberry Pi as controllers)
  • Exposure to Google educational tools.

We also hope the workshop will encourage pre-service teachers to consider IT related teaching as an option.

Join us in Auckland on Thursday 6 November 2014 and Friday 7 November 2014 for a 2 day workshop.

Goals for the CS4HS@Unitec workshop in 2014

CS4HS aims to:

  • Provide teachers with improved knowledge and skills in targeted areas.
  • Hands-on sesstions to facilitate passing on this knowledge to their students
  • Give teachers the opportunities to work with and learn about new technological tools that they can use in schools to excite their students about working in the field of computing and IT.

The goals of workshop are:

  • Increased awareness of computer technologies including mobile applications and devices, cyber-security, artificial intelligence, robotics.
  • Train the teachers to programme mobile devices as a tool to interest students.
  • Give the teachers new tools to use in their teaching such as the use of robots to teach programming to show exciting uses of IT.
  • Expose teachers to the uses of artificial intelligence and its applications.
  • Expose teachers and students to the wide variety of roles available in computer science.
  • Link the knowledge gained in the areas above to the NCEA curriculum.

You'll also find out about the programming and cybersecurity competitions for students that we'll be running in 2015—a great way to get your students interested in IT.

Other CS4HS workshops in 2014

CS4HS@Unitec 2014 is one of three independant CS4HS workshops that will be running in 2014. While the organisers of the three events will be working together to coordinate, the events will essentially be independent and covering different areas, so it's fine to apply to go to more than one (if you have the time!).

Canterbury CS4HS (Christchurch)

Canterbury will run one that (like previous ones) is focused on the Computer Science and Programming Achievement standards, for teachers who are at beginner/intermediate level, so the discussions will be more focussed on getting started. Canterbury CS4HS website.

CS4HS 2014 Workshop @ VUW (Wellington)

The Victoria one would be more general, looking more at areas of computer science that are of general interest, even if they are outside the standards (this is the model used for CS4HS overseas, and gives a broader view of the topic, which would be more suitable for those already teaching the standards). CS4HS 2014 Workshop @ VUW website.