Congratulation to the winners:

  • Libby Jennings (Kamo High School).
  • Alicia Craig (Palmerston North Girls High School).
  • Maisie Embleton (Baradene College).

News and photos from the competition.


Be in to win one of the three grand prizes—a full three year tuition fee scholarship to study computing at Unitec Institute of Technology—yes, that means that your tuition fees are paid for the whole three years! And there are other prizes to be won too. You'll create your very own mobile app too.

The Mobile App Competition for Girls is a competition to introduce high school girls to the problem-solving skills that are at the core of computer science.

Join us for a weekend full of fun at Unitec on the 26th and 27th July 2014.

Update on 14 July 2014:

  • Saturday's session (26th July 2014) runs from 9:30am to 3:00pm.
  • Sunday's session (27th July 2014) runs from 10:00am to 3:00pm
  • We will provide you with morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea on both days.


  • You must be a woman in Year 11-13 at high school.
  • You need to know App inventor 2.

Why we are running this competition

For the past two years, Unitec has been encouraging high school students in New Zealand to take an interest in computing by showcasing what could be achieved with App Inventor 2—a language that you can use to program your cellphone.

We are running the Mobile App Competition for Girls to stimulate the creativity and inventiveness of Year 11 to 13 female high school students. Why this target group—because Computing and IT needs more women to become involved and employed in the field! There's new focus on getting girls to understand that computer science can be fun, rewarding, and even social. If computer science offers such bountiful opportunities, then why are so few girls entering careers in this field?

Computing and IT is not just the old stereotype—a (usually male) geek sitting by themselves in a room programming. It is about having fun, designing things, selling ideas, solving problems, working in teams to develop ideas—the list is endless.